Elliot Taylor

The Importance of Good Web Design

One of the most important components of the marketing plan for any company/business is the web site, whether you have a new single-staff business or a huge, long-standing company… or anything in between. Web sites are required but must be current, efficient and memorable. Web design is in constant motion, with new trends developing quickly.  According to one company that compares websites, Crowdspring, “75% of consumers judge the credibility and trustworthiness of your business from your website design.” Crowdspring goes on to say that “97% of consumers research their purchases online before they buy.”

B3 reviews the websites of our customers regularly, to ensure that the new trends important to that business are incorporated.   The trends of 2019 B3 encourages customers to consider:

  • Design should indicate that the needs of the customer are the focus, which is often called “clear focus and clear audience.”  This includes design that draws the customer in, but that also makes it easy for the customer to find what he/she is looking for and to access it.  If on-line purchasing is an option, it must be an incredibly easy and efficient process/navigation.   Several experts on design remind us that the customer should not have to think to use the site!
  • Visually, the site should be clean and simple.  The look and feel of sites used to be unimportant, with the goal being to see how much a front page could address! The current look and feel are the opposite, with the most effective sites having very little design. Many experts suggest lots of “white space” to accomplish this. In addition, experts encourage design that is visually impressive and personalized, avoiding a generic website template that looks like every small business site created by themselves or their children. Customized graphics, high-quality photos of actual products,  and high-quality visual effects that draw customers in are a must. Experts are also encouraging creative use of bright colors and creative but simple fonts.
  • Finally, smart marketing in the 2019-20 world will ensure that the business web site works on other technologies.  Crowdspring reports that more users now access the internet from a mobile device than from a computer and those mobile users spend more time on websites than those on computers. Creating a site that is multi-functional is a must.