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Sales VS Activity

Money was and should never be the motivator. What drives us is our why!? Why do we do what we do, why do we wake up every morning and go to work? The answer to this why, is the motivator. Some want to support their families, others want to see the world or just be able to let his/her spouse be a full time stay at home partner. No matter what it is, this is your why, the power behind your drive and ambition.

Now if you are a sales person and you have this why in your mind, ask yourself: How much money do I have to make to life up to my why. Let’s pretend you have to do $100,000 to reach the life standard you are looking for. That might equal 100 sales per year, if the average sale brings a $1,000 commission check. Now, many people get overwhelmed by that number. The problem is that we don’t control sales 100%, since there is a customer who needs to agree to that.

Track your phone calls, not your sales.

Well let’s break it down a little bit further:

100 sales per year means 2 sales per week (assuming you use your 2 week vacation). That already seems better, doesn’t it? Now let’s pretend these two sales require an average of 10 appointments/meetings with potential customers. But not every customer shows up to arranged appointments.

Well let’s say we need 15 appointments to conduct 10 face to face meetings. Now the question is how many phone calls do we have to do in order to arrange these 15 appointments? Not every phone call we do ends up in an appointment. Let’s pretend we need to get in contact with 35 people on the phone to get our 15 appointments per week. However calling 35 people doesn’t guarantee that we actually reach the right person or decision maker. Sometimes they don’t answer the phone or we don’t get the decision maker right away. We probably have to dial 80 times per week to get in contact with 35 decision makers, make 15 appointments, meet 10 people, make 2 sales for the desired $100k per year.

That means according to this example, you would need to dial 16 times per day (if you work 5 days a week) to achieve your goal. Dialing that phone is the only thing in the sales cycle we control 100%. That means you don’t have to do 100 sales per year, you just have to dial 16 times per day! The only thing you have to do is to keep track of your phone calls and see what your average number of activities is in order to make a sale. As soon as you have that number you are able to set your goals.

(This content is based on a seminar by Warren Greshes)

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